Brothers by another mother

Brothers are like fat thighs..they stick together.


I wanted to come away from the main story just a little bit. There will be a few of these along the way. Off at a tangent is good and I do it a lot.

I hope that’s ok.

I want to tell you about the other characters in this story. Not the main ones, but no less important. As people, those around us help shape who we are.

So, I want to tell you about my friend. He was amazing. He wasn’t a feckless no-hoper who disappeared in a moment of need. He supported the wrong football team, had slightly dubious taste in music and drove a girl-car.

That said, he was kind when I needed it, strong when I needed it and growing up an only child, he was as near as a brother I could have.

So for all that I thank him. Things change in life and people come and go. I hate the fact we don’t really talk now.

Circumstances and time change things. He stopped me being broken. So for that, I can never repay him.

I have learnt things don’t stay the same. Sometimes change is for the better.

Sometimes not.

But you know who you are. Thank you.



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