Good times and tan lines

I was gonna tell you – that book you gave me, it’s pretty good.

Really. Using it as a doorstop. Or a coaster?

The Cutting Edge


When we woke the next morning, the warmth hit us. I opened the door and went out on the terrace. Not a cloud in the sky. I sat on a chair that had the biggest, bluest cushion and sat there drinking orange juice.

“You didn’t waste any time.” She came out in some brightly coloured and tiny bikini.

“That’s it, you break yourself in gently. Because the hot sun won’t burn your pale skin.”

“Sarcastic pig. I will worry about my third degree burns when I get home. We’re only here a week. I need a tan.” She went over to one of the comfortable sun loungers that were next to the hot tub.

“At least let me rub some lotion into you.”


It was getting hotter by the second and I could feel her back getting warm as she lay there. “Just go careful.”

We spent the morning with her falling asleep and me waking her up every half an hour to be turned over like a small, rotisserie chicken . I alternated between sunbathing, the hot tub and the pool. When got too hot, I sat in the shade and read a book.

I brought her drinks and made sure she was generally OK.

She stayed outside until the last possible moment. The sun had almost disappeared behind the hills, when she finally came in flushed and pink in places. Dinner was ready, when she came out of the shower. She sat down, took a drink of wine and smoothed her hair.

“Do I look brown?”

“Is brown the same as pink?” She threw a bread roll at me.

I put some music on and we ate largely in silence.

After she’d finished, she went and sat on the terrace with some water (I told her to do that!) and I cleared away.

As I came out, she was sat there with her eyes closed. I came up behind her. “Lean forward.” She did and I rubbed some lotion into her to help the burnt bits.

I leaned forward and kissed her neck. She sighed, “That helps.”

“Hot tub?”

We undressed and climbed in, I kissed her and whilst it wasn’t quite 50 shades of grey, I did try my best.

It was perfect though. The sky was red, the gentle sound of water and the excited buzz of insects.




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