Let the rain kiss you.

 Life is not a fairytale. If you lose your shoes at midnight, you are drunk

Bill Murray


The week had a lazy routine all of its’ own.

Most of the days were spent by the pool. She was working on her tan and I tried to make sure she was OK and tried to relax. After a couple of days, I was also less inclined to do too much and contented myself with laying there, changing the music and fetching drinks.

The only day we ventured out, our neighbour took us down to the small town.  We walked round the small streets, in and out of the shops. In the square, was a small cafe, where we stopped and had an all you can eat lunch. It was clean and the food served on the whitest plates.

He picked us about three. “I need to get some of the sun before it goes.” She was back by the pool in no time.

In the evening we played a card game which she cheated at, drank a bottle of wine and fell asleep on the sofa. The rain started and I could hear its’ tune on the roof. This turned into a thunderstorm, but she didn’t stir. The power went and the only glow was from the lightening, streaking across the sky.

She woke and the two of us, in shorts and a T-shirt went outside and sat on the edge of the pool with our feet in. She leaned back and lifted her face to the rain.

We were soaked by the time we went in. The power was back on, music was playing in the background. I brought two huge blue towels out and we stood there drying off. When I was finished, I gave her my one and she put her hair in it.

“Let’s go to bed.”

The day we were due to go home, we realised we had forgotten to send postcards. and we only remembered the night before to take any pictures.

We left the packing to the last possible minute, but Alfie was there on time to take us back to the airport.

“Have you had a good time?” He looked in the rear view mirror to gauge reaction and all he saw were two tanned, smiling faces.

“We really did. It was perfect.” She put her head on my shoulder. “Sorry we didn’t come and see you and your wife.”

“No problem.” He laughed. “We kind of guessed you wouldn’t.”

He pulled into the airport and drew up outside the small terminal building.

“Safe journey back.”

“How much do we owe you?”


“Are you sure?” I offered him the money.

“Don’t be silly. We don’t mind looking after the people when they come.”

“Thank you so much.” I took the cases. Now she was in normal clothes and going back home, I realised how tanned she was.

We sat in the departure lounge waiting for the plane. The end of a holiday is always a tough time and everyone looked really fed up.

“Let’s go look round the shop.” She did not need to be asked twice when it came to shopping.

“Can I have these?”

She picked up a pair of sunglasses, designer label and expensive.

“No sweetheart.”

“You don’t love me. What about this?”

It was a gold watch.

“No sweetheart.”

“You don’t love me. This?”

It was a bottle of perfume.

“No sweetheart.”

“You don’t love me.” She held my hand as we left.

When she came back from the loo, I handed her a small box. “I do love you.” It was the perfume.




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